A downloadable game for Windows

A Diplomat is you. Prevent your kingdom from falling to the might of the Dragons by forging alliances and negotiating peace!

Currently a Prototype, there is only a tutorial level and a showcase of the art used for this project. Here is a shout-out to each member and their contributions:

Chris Vrana - Programmer, made the game functional

Alejandro Velazquez Tevino - Artist, made General Arterius and King Vallion.

Sarah Rhoades - Artist, made Graum the Arbogator and Ugorn dar-Gralzag.

Michael Payte - Writer, wrote background and script for Ugorn and Graum.

Austin Pegram - Writer, wrote script for Arterius and Vallion

Install instructions

Just download the game and run (the game. Don't literally run).


Diplomacy.exe 3 MB